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Rev Racing, a NASCAR-developed racing team that recruits minority and female drivers and pit crew members, has partnered with Matchbook Creative since 2010. Rev Racing and its six teams are supported by Matchbook as Rev’s complete public relations, partnership, and marketing team.

Strong Partners Make Strong Teams

The partnership between Rev Racing and Matchbook began in 2010 as a current brand evaluation and subsequent development of marketing strategy to help the organization reach both its short- and long-term goals. Matchbook determined that the ideal strategy for Rev revolved around updating its brand and through that update, increasing its relevance.

This brand update was a dual-brand build-out for the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program, and Rev Racing. Matchbook applied a unified vision to the two groups’ collateral, equipment, and marketing materials to attract recruits and sponsors. The look was focused on a professional, yet edgy image. The updated strength of their new brands became immediately apparent, and this began Rev’s ongoing strategic marketing partnership with Matchbook.

Marketing that Ahead of the Pack

The current strategic partnership is extensive as it has grown over the years to meet Rev Racing’s marketing needs. The scope of this ongoing relationship includes design, social media, event management, public relations support, website design and development, reputation management, and anything that arises, as their trusted marketing partner.

Matchbook facilitates all new and current sponsor and partner projects for Rev Racing, both finding new sponsors and discovering new avenues to deepen relationships with existing partnerships. Matchbook’s on-track support has also proved invaluable to the Rev Racing team, providing pre-, post-, and at-event media support, live social media, and event coordination. This also includes media training for drivers, setting up coverage in cities with races, and organizing at-event interviews for the team and its drivers.

The annual NASCAR Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew combines are the key recruiting events for the year. This combine includes recruiting, testing, and selecting the following year’s drivers. Matchbook oversees all planning and operations so Rev can focus on evaluating new talent. The event garners national media attention.

Climbing the Leaderboard

As a result of this partnership, Rev Racing and the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program have greatly raised their profile and improved their overall brand presence in the media as well as the public consciousness. Incorporating brand standards into all extensions of the brand has led to a far more cohesive experience for those who come into contact with Rev Racing and Drive for Diversity, and has increased the success of acquiring new partners and sponsors.

Since the beginning of our relationship Matchbook has helped raise Rev’s digital profile including a 75-95% increase in social engagement year-over-year, as well as a new web presence that has delivered 25% year-over-year traffic increases. Matchbook has trained and continues to coach over 30 drivers and pit crew members in media relations and personal brand management helping improve driver’s interview skills.

Our efforts have also led to expanded business to business opportunities for corporate partners, with satisfied partners and a 100% retention rate over the last three years. With 75-100 applicants applying to the combine each year, it continues to be a successful program constantly working toward advanced opportunities and diversity within the sport.

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