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Milhaus is an award-winning, mixed-use development, construction, and property management company that specializes in Class A, urban, multifamily residential buildings.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Milhaus boasts a portfolio ranging across multiple states that brings unique elements from the area to each project. Matchbook partnered with Milhaus to create unique brand stories for a number of its properties.

Each project is a collaborative effort to develop a living brand experience for residential spaces in Indianapolis and beyond.

Culture and Local Context

What sets Milhaus apart is their dedication to bringing the soul of each community into the neighborhoods they develop. Milhaus communities are designed so that each element, from naming to brand experience to voice, integrates the local history and culture of the property. The ability to form a connection to a hometown and local culture is vital to creating thriving communities, and a brand that highlights those values is equally vital.

Stories to Live By

As most people begin their search based on the area they intend to live in, selling apartments most often means building a connection to that community. Each property must connect to the community in experience, aesthetics, and amenities. Building a brand is telling that story with its visual and verbal communication. The Ayr property’s name pay homage to the Indianapolis native Lyman S. Ayres and his department store L.S. Ayres drawing on the locale’s history.

Every Location has its Unique Personality

We help each property present its unique identity, creating intrigue and appeal in the consideration stage. And in the decision stage, communicating the comfort and convenience offered to the residence. Urbane, apartments that are part of Kansas City’s larger mixed-use community, the Glade, is nestled between urban and rural. This new community connects both city and nature, but also work and play and the name, branding, and materials were designed to reflect that.

Each Image and Reflection of Community

Each apartment logo and identity design is prepared with the community in mind. From naming to textures and color choices, each brand is distinctive, but fitting for its setting. The leaf in the ‘a’ of Arrello harkens back to a grove of elm trees, a popular camping stop on the Santa Fe Trail from which Olathe, Kansas eventually grew.



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