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This guide will give you the tools you need to keep your brand on track through every project.



May 09, 2022 | PDF

What Every Brand Manager Needs in Their Toolbelt.

Ever since the creation of the marketing function within companies, the responsibilities of a brand manager under any title has changed progressively. It was perhaps in the industrial revolution when mass production of goods and wider transportation options made it more cost effective for consumers to buy products than to make them on their own. It was during this same time that the rise of mass media made communicating about products not only possible, but necessary.

Everything has changed over this course of time. Shipping options are faster and telegrams are replaced by email. Websites are now the essential banner of nearly every company, leaving posters and handbills as a thing of nostalgia. But some things never change.

Every brand manager must steward the core elements of their brand, to ensure they are represented accurately and consistently. For those things that never change, we’ve prepared a toolkit to aid you. Here’s what’s included with this resource.

  • Defining the terminology of marketing
  • Keys to developing a strategy for anything
  • The DNA of a marketing campaign
  • Brand management inventory
  • Checklists as a guide for you

This is for everyone from the prehistoric marketing primate to the futuristic digital brand ambassador. It’s for CEOs sharpening their skills, to interns learning new ones. For the veteran VP of brand with a long list of priorities, to the new marketing manager drinking from a firehose.

And you can download it here, completely free of charge. No strings attached.

Other than accepting our thanks for considering us your resource.

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