Welcome Mallory Doyel.

We’re excited to welcome Account Executive Mallory Doyel to the Matchbook team! Mallory brings an expansive set of skills to her role with Matchbook, innately understanding client needs and closely collaborating across every area of the agency. Through her experience in working strategically to coordinate initiatives, Mallory is vital to our environment of efficiency and success. Prior to joining Matchbook, Mallory was an impactful team member for organizations in the nonprofit sector and restaurant industry, later bringing her talent to the Indianapolis agency world. She has overseen work at several levels, from pro-bono to national, and her nonprofit roots lend her an incisive ability to see every project through no matter the challenge. Mallory graduated from Butler University with a degree in arts administration, bringing a unique perspective to her role. With her free time, she is passionate about spending time with her family and experiencing the arts in Indianapolis through shows and concerts.