Welcome Craig "Dodge" Lile.

We’re excited to welcome Craig "Dodge" Lile to the Matchbook team as Vice President of Market Development! Craig brings 20 years’ experience as a business leader and strategic consultant in agency and corporate environments. His background, deeply rooted in digital customer experience and e-commerce marketing, allows him the ability to provide deep insights to brands looking to accomplish their business goals. As Senior Director of Marketing and Vice President of Production, and later as Vice President at two Indianapolis-based agencies, Craig’s skillset led to success in digital marketing, strategy, and program development for multiple large enterprise brands. A serial innovator and entrepreneur, Craig has also spent the past 15 years successfully pursuing opportunities across ticketed entertainment and event promotion. He is a co-founder of Do317 and Hi-Fi/MOKB Presents, and has continued to provide the strategic know-how to engage with new audiences across Indianapolis and beyond. Craig is passionate about cultural development and supporting the arts, having served on the Board of Directors for the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. He also sits on the board of the Harrison Center’s Independent Music + Art Festival, as well as the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site’s Wicket World of Croquet event. Craig’s wife, Micki, is a registered nurse who is in organ transplant. He has two beautiful daughters, Lucy and Kellen. In free time not spent with family, he is a passionate potter and crafts handmade ceramics.