Wabash Brewing: Crafting a community for a brewery.


This summer, our intern class took lead roles in the marketing support of Wabash Brewing Company, a local nanobrewery on Indy’s Northwest side. Wabash’s mission is to merge science with craft brewing to create great beers. Our interns were given hands-on experience to strengthen their current abilities as well as gain new skills. It was the Matchbook interns’ overall goal to strengthen the digital presence of Wabash Brewing through eblasts and digital newsletters.


The interns got to work right away to construct a game plan. The team established three key goals for Wabash Brewing:
  1. To build a stronger sense of community for Wabash Brewing
  2. Create copy, templates and execute an e-newsletter campaign
  3. Promote Wabash Brewing events and the brewery itself
Each member of the intern team played a unique role in accomplishing these goals. They conducted research and established Wabash Brewing’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and then crafted a strategic plan to accomplish our goals. They then executed an on-site photoshoot at the brewery, producing colorful and eye-catching photos. The intern team then used that photography to create monthly content for Wabash Brewing’s Facebook and Instagram social media channels, establishing a voice for the brewery to strengthen their overall brand and online presence. Social media was a large component in building a sense of community for Wabash Brewing and promoting upcoming events as well as the brewery itself. It was important to not only post informative content, but also to interact with followers through community management. Our interns were able to continue this engagement with customers by organizing eblasts and newsletters for Wabash Brewing, designing a custom template, and providing written content to be sent out throughout the summer. These newsletters are beneficial in promoting monthly upcoming events, featured beers, updated information and more.


Utilizing ideas and materials provided by the Matchbook team, Wabash Brewing was able to grow their brewery marketing initiatives in just one summer. They established a stronger sense of community, provided more information to loyal customers, and drew new customers in to their space. Wabash Brewery is able to take examples from the creative work our interns built for them and continue to achieve their goals in the future. Having intern-specific clients allowed our interns to be challenged, strengthen their abilities, and truly see how an agency operates.