To Matchbook, with thanks.

DEAR MATCHBOOK, The winter holiday season is beginning, and from those who have been here since your doors first opened to the ones that are still personalizing their new office space, we wanted to say, “thank you.” THANK YOU FOR BEING CARING. You curate a culture of creatives, but this letter would do you no justice if the culture of care wasn’t mentioned. You have a mindfulness of the little things that can truly make a huge difference - something as simple as donuts and coffee in the morning or ice cream and beer during Friday happy hour, or even a masseuse coming in once a month. But there’s much more to you than the fun add-ons! There’s the work ethic and a focus on learning. Here, you find success and support. If someone wants to try or learn something new, they can. The environment you host is deeply rooted in gaining more than just a desk to sit at or a signature on a paycheck. Having a team who ranges in different levels of expertise and comes together from different industry backgrounds has helped us appreciate and learn from each other as well. THANK YOU FOR HAVING PASSION. Doing something without a purpose isn’t Matchbook’s style. The passion that drives us comes from our own hearts, but it is amplified within your walls. Some have found a gratifying passion and now have an outlet for it. You’ve enabled us to utilize resources, create great work, and solve problems through various clients and projects. You encourage us to share ideas and get to know each other outside of the office. People here are passionate about their passions - although it sounds kind of silly, it’s true. Everyone has something they are wholeheartedly involved in and we care about what other people are into as well. Whether it’s photography, music, vintage collectibles, art, Pop Tarts, or volunteering, the passion that’s there relates back to how we work together. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US LEADERSHIP. Leadership is another admirable quality that comes to mind when we think about Matchbook. We have good management. They respond well to the needs and wants of the staff. A large aspect of that deep understanding stems from being in the trenches with the team and having a good lens on what the company needs to grow. Luckily, our leadership has brought together a group and developed an “all-for-one” goal-driven mentality that moves and shakes the office. It’s easy to say, but different when you really mean it - our people are our strength. And for that, we are thankful for great leaders that encourage this behavior, especially strong female leaders. THANK YOU FOR TEACHING US TEAMWORK. The way a team works together is often determined by who is guiding them, for better or worse. When dealing with big clients and big deadlines, no one goes it alone. Agencies often have a stigma of a demanding, cutthroat environment, but here there’s no ego and no competition, and we never want that to go away. Don’t mistake the fact that we don’t have to throw on noise-canceling headphones and come in early or pull a few hairs out once and awhile, but the people here make it worth the challenges or complications with any project. We work hard, and we play hard. Your foundation of having quality internal and external relationships through brainstorming, team-building, and constant communication is what affords us to have a bountiful feast of knowledge and success, only adding more weight to what we individually bring to the table. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO GROW. We’ve come from near and far to work here. There is much opportunity generated under your roof that has helped us create a place we love to be and where the hard work that has been put in here translates personally. The work we do has given us the opportunity to experience different industries, from something like a construction site to being trackside - things we otherwise wouldn't get to see. We can be thankful for a team to count on through the twists and turns and relearning, and for their ongoing flexibility. It can be confidently said that your people have experienced individual growth as well. We create our own potential, but this environment really fosters it - evolving from different ranges and areas of expertise, never stepping down from a challenge, and always being open to new insights and constructive criticism. THANK YOU FOR BEING MINDFUL OF OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS. Although we dedicate a lot of our time to these four walls, thank you for not just being understanding, but welcoming to our lives as a whole. You give us time to celebrate life. We don’t have to stress about enjoying our kids, dogs, cats, good homes, family, friends, and excitement of the unknown. This makes us want to share our personal wins with each other. SO, THANK YOU, MATCHBOOK. From the homemade feasts we will soon consume, to the creative motivation we currently share, everything brought to the Matchbook table this Thanksgiving can be traced down to those who support us both in the office and at home. As we continue to evolve and discover the world we are so grateful to be a part of, we wish for the company to not only continue to grow but for the people here to achieve personal goals, for us to positively impact clients, their successes, and our community. Now, let’s eat!