The power of purpose.

As a passionate team of strategists, creatives, collaborators and mentors, it’s our collective passion to bring a brand to life and resonate with audiences through purpose-driven storytelling. Every member of the Matchbook team is passionate about making a difference, ranging from a local to global level, and we work with partners who strive to make an impact on the world around them through pursuing their own objectives. However, an organization doesn’t need to be a charity to have a focus on purpose. Any company can bring a sense of purpose to the work they do or the services they provide, and that purpose can become a powerful tool for resonating with audiences who value making an impact. So, how can you define your own purpose and leverage that into positivity and connection?

Forming a defined mission.

Before you can begin the storytelling process with your brand, you need to recognize and further define your brand values and essence. Your values are, simply put, the principles you live out day-to-day through your business model and practices, while your brand’s essence is the unique outlook that drives you. Talk to fellow stakeholders and examine your brand’s values and essence, from there you can move forward to crafting a more defined mission that expresses your purpose to those who view your brand.

Gain credibility in your space.

Modern businesses and consumers are looking to engage with organizations that stand for something. A clearly crafted purpose is a way to authentically live out your organization’s personality while standing apart from those around you. Additionally, internal and external audiences alike are more likely to trust in a decision when it’s made in-line with an organization’s defined principles and purpose. Matchbook has worked with organizations across multiple industries, honing their sense of purpose and making them stand apart in their industry.

Let them connect with something real.

The most important aspect of a purpose-driven identity is the fact that it generates an authentic sense of connection. In our experience, when a story and mission don’t feel genuine, people can tell. A true purpose-focused identity, however, will draw in those who are looking to connect with a brand and story that they believe stands for something positive. Our strategic and creative capabilities are focused on crafting a story that people can relate to, from cities searching for a new identity to properties seeking to fit into a new community they’re integrating into. When defining your own purpose, bring a self-examining and genuine attitude to the table. The results will be powerful and resonant, and bring your organization into a new phase of operation.