Take Control of Your Reputation.

85% of online customers use the internet to research before making a purchase, which means they’re looking at anything from reviews to testimonials to how your company represents itself online. ARE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS SEEING WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO SEE? Practicing effective online reputation management is one of the most effective ways to make sure that the only thing standing between your company and your potential customers is the strength of your sales messaging. If your online reputation needs improvement, here are the first three steps your company should take to stand out and build trust.


Our formula: Encourage positive reviews, properly address negative reviews, and most importantly, show appreciation for both. Only about 25% of consumers take the time to write reviews. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder. Reach out to your customers (especially your best customers) and encourage them to share their feelings about your company. If a negative review comes in, make sure to respond within an appropriate time frame (within 48 hours) promising to make it right. Above all else, thank your reviewers regardless of how they review you initially. Being appreciative speaks volumes, and lets readers know that you actively listen to feedback.


Our formula: Search your company once a month and set up Google Alerts to be notified whenever your company appears in search results. Praise and criticism won’t always come in the form of reviews. Take a moment to see what other organizations and news entities are saying about your company. Having a close eye on instances of positive and negative press provides an opportunity to issue timely responses or statements for negative press and can provide great content to share on your social media, website or newsletter when someone is speaking highly of you.


Our formula: Regularly audit your online presence to make sure that your sales messaging is current, accurate and visible. Potential sales are lost every single day because potential customers aren’t able to find the information they’re searching for. One of the most important pieces of your online reputation is your customers’ first impressions. Reviews, testimonials and positive press coverage help sell your company, but without providing adequate and convincing enough information to generate interest initially, there won’t be much of a reason for potential customers to research your company.