Setting your marketing intention.

For the leaders and changemakers in any business or organization, moving forward with a unified vision is the best way to pursue marketing success. Just like each aspect of your organization fills a specific role toward completing an objective, each element of your marketing needs to be working in concert to tell a specific story and create a specific narrative. By setting a clear intention before moving into branding efforts, you’ll be able to have a guiding principle to look back to and help inform each new decision you make. This guidance informing your decisions is what strategy is all about, and it helps you make the right choices in line with your beliefs and values as you continue to work toward marketing your business. The right intention unifies your organization because it’s the result of a brand conversation where all stakeholders are on the same page about what makes that brand unique. So, how can you start the process and guide the conversation for your organization to stay true to who you are?

Set Objectives

The ultimate success of marketing is judged not by attention-grabbing it is or how many people see it; it’s judged by how effectively it allows your organization to achieve your objectives. The first part of setting a marketing intention that will allow you to communicate in the best way is setting the objectives you want your organization to strive toward and achieve. Referring back to your intention, what are you looking for in the next six months, the next year, the next five years? These objectives will help focus what you need to do in order to allow your marketing to best serve your interests.

Audit Your Business

By carefully auditing elements of your operations, culture and marketing with your objectives in mind, you’ll be able to keep track of the things that are working, the things that aren’t, and the things that you aren’t currently doing but should be. As communicators and strategists, Matchbook is practiced at collaborating and producing audits. Throughout your audit process, your intention will be the guiding point you can constantly look back towards and compare your current efforts against. By keeping a plan top of mind, you’ll be able to audit and refine your practices for a more focused future.

Address Challenges and Opportunities

Each organization will face unique challenges in their given area of operations, which is why no two marketing strategies are alike. Take a look at the landscape around you, and see the common challenges faced by others around you while comparing that to your own challenges. Seeing opportunities for growth will allow you to focus on specific, actionable steps in your marketing efforts.

Translate Analysis into Action

Keeping in mind all that you have to do in order to analyze your situation properly can be daunting. However, it’s important to remember that the payoff of this analysis will be intention-focused action that can be guided to meeting your specific needs. Gaining insight from this analysis is an area in which Matchbook has proven to be a trusted partner of organizations ranging in size from local to global. Once we’ve found the right direction to travel, keeping on course and allowing specific actions and tactics to take effect will provide the push you need to achieve your goals and lean into success. Keeping intention top of mind throughout the analysis, objective and actionable stages of the marketing process allows you and your organization to stay grounded and keep a firm foothold on what really matters to long-term success as well as to your audiences. Contact us today, and let’s start an impactful relationship that can help to define your own intention.