Ovar’coming Together: Marketing for a cure.

Matchbook’s mission is to create meaningful work for clients who also aim to make a difference. When Ovar’coming Together came to us in search of building their online social presence, we knew it could be a great opportunity for our interns to manage the account and see how they too could live out Matchbook’s mission this summer. Ovar’coming Together is an ovarian cancer awareness organization in Indianapolis with a three-fold mission:
  1. Create awareness among women and the community regarding ovarian cancer symptoms and risks;
  2. Provide resources for support, networking, and education for diagnosed women and their caregivers;
  3. Support research initiatives dedicated to finding early detection mechanisms and a cure.
Ovar’coming Together had multiple social media accounts but was challenged to provide fresh, engaging content to create awareness online and build community. Matchbook’s intern team worked together to grow the organization’s online presence in ways that would allow Ovar’coming Together’s mission to be fulfilled. The interns supported Ovar’coming Together in three main areas: marketing strategy, social media content, and creative design work. The process began with research and identifying where the organization needed support. We then created a strategy plan to identify what main messages needed to be shared. This was used to craft engaging social media content posted multiple times a week across various channels during June, July, and August. By analyzing social media trends and data we were able to see the type of posts followers interacted with the most. These discoveries were helpful in guiding the development of graphic content, which allowed social media posts to convey messages in a more impactful, easy-to-read way. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and although our interns will have completed their internships by then, they worked ahead to make sure this special month would be a success for Ovar’coming Together. A September-specific marketing campaign was strategically built, serving as an outline for constructing social media postings for the month. September’s goals were set higher in terms of creating awareness, supporting women, and raising research funds. The team created a campaign called #FightOvarianCancer, with goals of providing ovarian cancer facts and statistics, promote upcoming events, raising donations, and building a sense of community around Ovar’Coming Together. Our interns worked hard to make sure September’s social media will flourish. Through a structured social media plan, Matchbook’s intern class raised Ovar’coming Together higher in accomplishing their mission. Thank you Ovar’Coming Together for allowing our interns to obtain professional experience and giving them the opportunity to create impactful work!