Optimizing Indy Do Day.

Indy Do Day, a citywide initiative aimed at mobilizing the community toward impactful service, attracts thousands of participants each year. For the organization, growth on the horizon prompted leadership to update existing infrastructure for the future. Several years into the annual multi-day event, presented by the Rotary Club of Indianapolis, the web-based experience was not fully optimized for high numbers of users and began to make it more difficult for individual organizers and groups to coordinate projects and share information with Indy Do Day. During a discovery and assessment process, Matchbook and Indy Do Day determined the functional and aesthetic objectives that Indy Do Day was pursuing. By redeveloping their website for an updated aesthetic while simultaneously better integrating their organizational software platform and improving the mobile experience, Matchbook would be able to present a simplified and more accessible Indy Do Day audiences. Throughout the development period, Matchbook’s designers and developers worked effectively to create a new web format while also improving software integration. We created a visual aesthetic consistent with Indy Do Day’s mission and personality, and cleverly optimized the site’s software functionality to centralize data recording and coordination. The new site, featuring a new look, new levels of usefulness and a mobile experience to suit the in-the-field utilization throughout the event, has created a more intuitive and functionally sound site to serve as the face of this growing touch point of community service throughout Indianapolis. Now, with a solid structural backdrop to the event through their web presence, Indy Do Day has a firm platform from which to create success through coordination and civic pride. As we begin 2017’s Indy Do Day, we look forward to seeing what this city will accomplish and are already excited to see the drive fueling greater successes in the future.