Mutt Strut: Helping IndyHumane Succeed

As the largest animal welfare organization in Indianapolis, and one of the most prominent in the Midwest, IndyHumane has long been a standout figure in advocating for animal adoption and increasing resources to educate owners and facilitate better caretaking. As they relentlessly work to improve the lives of animals, they are constantly working to update and improve their services and programs in order to impact as many animals and owners as possible. From low-cost vaccines and emergency services, to behavioral resources and surrender services, IndyHumane aims to make their programs as efficient and effective as possible. As a team of animal lovers, Matchbook has been proud to partner with IndyHumane for many years. We have cultivated a long working relationship with the organization, and we’ve proudly provided services to allow IndyHumane to market and fundraise more efficiently through branding, design and communications efforts. Donations are what allows IndyHumane to function as they do, and the more the community gives, the more that they will be able to do in order to further animal welfare. As the organization’s largest fundraiser, Mutt Strut is the Midwest’s largest pet walk that utilizes a close connection with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to raise the event’s profile and provide a unique opportunity for owners to walk their pets on the famous track. For 2019’s Mutt Strut, we were charged with coordinating and leveraging media to bring awareness and funds to IndyHumane.

Extending A Brand Across Multiple Channels

In order to ensure that they would be able to maintain and even expand their services over the coming year, IndyHumane needed another successful year at Mutt Strut. This would entail making sure all relevant audiences were made aware of the event to raise attendance and donations. With our experience in maximizing media resources and coverage through public relations efforts, IndyHumane partnered with us in order to accomplish a higher media profile. Throughout a collaborative process we worked with IndyHumane executives and stakeholders to connect with existing media contacts as well as finding and nurturing new leads to serve as positive media figures even past the date of the event. Through these efforts, we coordinated the appointment of five-time NTT IndyCar Series Champion Scott Dixon and his wife, Emma Davies-Dixon, as honorary co-chairs of Mutt Strut. Their prominence in the racing community served as a positive media influence, and we facilitated connections with WISHTV, an event sponsor and prominent local news outlet, who filmed a promo commercial for the event that aired throughout the month leading up to the event. We created press releases and successfully pitched stories to outlets across the city, earning IndyHumane interviews on every major local media organization and receiving features on the nationally-syndicated television program Pet Pals TV. Our coordination continued through the day of the event, working with media outlets in attendance to secure media interviews, manage celebrity relations, and highlight newsworthy elements present at the IMS. In total, the event received more than 35 traditional media hits generating over 5,000,000 impressions, while also sparking lively social media dialogue that made thousands more aware of Mutt Strut. All told, 2019’s Mutt Strut was even more successful than last year’s, with a definitive uptick in donations allowing for IndyHumane to place that extra money directly toward doing more good for animals in the community. Nothing but our best goes toward helping further this noble cause, and we’re delighted that their increased trust in us resulted in an increased capacity for animal services across Indianapolis and beyond.