Matchbook wins ‘Dream Destination’ award from DREAM Alive.

As Indianapolis’ purpose-driven marketing firm, we strive to engage with projects and partners that not only challenge us creatively, they also allow us to generate success while impacting meaningful change. We believe our work and community efforts can help make the world a better place.

As a part of our volunteerism and company culture initiatives, each quarter the entire Matchbook team takes part in volunteering with a local nonprofit organization for a half-day project. Earlier this year, we invited 15+ middle schoolers from the DREAM Alive mentoring program to come see what it is like to work at a creative agency. The students found their field trip and learning experience insightful, education, and most of all, fun and engaging.

During DREAM Alive’s annual awards banquet, held virtually this year, Matchbook was named as the scholars’ “Dream Destination” to work. DREAM Alive students were exposed to over 40 businesses throughout the school year. The Matchbook team worked hard to make the students’ trip to our agency unforgettable, and we’re honored to be chosen as a “Dream Destination”.

When the group of students arrived at Matchbook, they were full of energy and ready to learn what exactly a career in marketing might look like for them. The students had hands-on experience with our Communications team writing for social media, learned about the back end of websites with our Development team, and learned about photography in an interactive photo booth with Creative team members.

DREAM Alive focuses on mentoring at-risk youth in 7th-12th grade to become civic-minded leaders. Through mentorship from 7th to 12th grade, DREAM Alive helps break the cycle of poverty by helping students discover career paths they might not have been exposed to in their day-to-day lives. DREAM Alive partners with schools, communities, and corporations, to provide scholars with three key opportunities: career-focused experiential learning, mentoring relationships, and character development.

We’re excited to begin planning our next hands-on learning day with DREAM Alive. If you have a local business, we encourage you to consider hosting a career day with DREAM Alive and learn more about the positive impact they have in the Indianapolis community.