Matchbook rolls out new associates program.

Matchbook is proud to officially introduce our Associates Program, a benefit for all team members who have been with us for five or more years. The Associates Program is Matchbook’s way of giving back to the people who consistently deliver great work and show dedication. Upon their fifth anniversary date, an associate title is added to the team member’s business card, and an array of benefits become available for selection. At 10 years, team members are eligible for the Senior Associates program, which affords additional benefits. The program is designed for customization and allows members select benefits that fit their interests. We've carefully crafted these to ensure everyone at Matchbook, from new hires to seasoned veterans, can see unique value into their future with our agency. Benefits for associates include expanded flex hour usage and a selection of additional benefits. A few of the added benefits an associate can select include a monthly commuter stipend, additional IRA contributions, wellness stipends, pet care or adoption support, a monthly tuition stipend, child care stipend, student loan stipend, cash bonus or vacation accommodations. We value the loyalty and service of our long-term employees, and these benefits are just a small way that we can thank them for their continued excellence. If you’re interested in joining the Matchbook team, check out our career opportunities.