Matchbook's 2018 success, renewal and growth.

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time for another period of reflection. In fact, the past year came at us so quickly with new events and opportunities that we haven’t quite had the time to take stock of all that’s happened. As we take these few days between the holidays and (mostly) away from the normal busy world of client projects, the team at Matchbook has realized that it’s been among the most eventful years in our history. We’ve moved from one project to the next, tweaking procedures along the way and always looking for the next project beyond the horizon, but now we’d like to recount just a few highlights of the year that’s gotten us to where we are today.

Near the beginning of the year, we were lucky to be able to organize and host the Addy Awards, playing host to all of the wonderful creatives and agencies that make up our city’s strong, and still strengthening, industry landscape. For many weeks, we balanced our time between client projects and hosting a memorable event. With so many wonderful industry colleagues gathered in one place, the night was a great success as we celebrated a landscape filled with forward thinkers.

Our team has always been able to produce amazing work for our clients, and this year we continued to collect industry recognition for our capabilities. This year we received three Addy awards and six Hermes Creative Awards across our concept, design and marketing strategy services. However, awards mean nothing without producing meaningful work for our clients. This past year, we’ve formed closer relationships and created more powerful work across web, design, copy, strategy, social media and campaign implementation. Our clients have ranged from education to security, consumer products to civic tourism and beyond. We’ve grown along with our clients, and are ready to continue as their strategists and advocates.

We’ve traveled across the US while supporting our clients and improving our team this past year. Following our partners at Rev Racing throughout the season and providing support all over the nation has been an exciting ride as ever. Our travels to Chicago and Nashville for professional development have sharpened our skills and allowed us to function as even more of a team than before. We were also proud to journey across the country to San Francisco to support a client during one of their biggest national events of the year.

We’re thrilled about the opportunities that the new additions to our staff have made possible. This year we expanded our service capabilities and gelled as a new group, held together with a common passion and so many fantastic personalities. Matchbook saw several employees become board members of local nonprofits, attaining positions on the boards of the National Association of Women Business Owners, March of Dimes, Junior League of Indianapolis, AIGA, and Playworks Indiana in 2018.

We look forward to 2019 with many new and exciting faces, new clients, new developments with existing clients, and many new ideas on the horizon. It’s been a long and busy 2018, but here we stand, ready to move forward with a newfound sense of optimism. Happy New Year, we’ll be seeing you!