Marketing Mutt Strut.

As an agency filled with animal lovers, including several adopted pet owners, our ongoing partnership with the Humane Society of Indianapolis is one that holds a special place in our hearts. Helping the pets at IndyHumane get a second chance at happiness and find their forever homes, as well as helping the amazing staff by facilitating their mission is a cause we’re proud to support. So, when the opportunity arose to promote Mutt Strut, the organization’s premier fundraising event taking place on Sunday, May 15, we were honored to accept the challenge. With this year’s event taking place in historic Garfield Park, as opposed to last year’s location at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyHumane required a new logo, voice and brand, as well as a wide scope of promotional materials and advertising content to refresh the event and attract guests to the fundraiser. Our design, digital, copywriting and account teams worked collaboratively throughout 2015 and 2016 to rebrand Mutt Strut with a unified vision, creating an event website, promotion and sponsor materials, event apparel, and digital, radio and television advertisements – all produced in-house. Through this challenge, we’ve created something very special to support IndyHumane’s worthy mission to find loving forever homes for pets throughout the community. Mutt Strut takes place on Sunday, May 15, so there is still time to register online at We’ll see you there, Indianapolis!