Marketing isn't

It’s tough out there these days. You’re fighting for first place on Google, you’re bidding on ad impressions with a limited budget, and the news coverage just bumped the story you fought to get in exchange for some national headline.

What do you do? Call an ad agency?

The typical ad agency approach to marketing conversations might be something like this:

[Ring, Ring.] Hi, marketing agency, we’d like to grow our business and we think we might need your help.

Hi! [Explains how marketing is really complicated, uses some technical terms like meta tags, impressions, demand gen, and personas. Claims that you are in peril and only they can save you.] We’ll send a quote!

This doesn’t help anyone. Sometimes, effective marketing seems out of reach.

Marketing is not a big scary animal, it’s common sense. Yes, marketing is science, but it’s not unapproachable. Here are the basics.

  • Get in front of your customers

  • Say something they care about

  • Earn their trust – and their business

Sometimes it’s fun to track how your marketing performs with tools like website metrics or response forms, but that’s just details and, in many cases, noise.

Lots of things are tough, but marketing isn’t.

To us, marketing is quite simple, and we think you’re better off if you understand it.

In fact, we think we’re better off too.

Whether you’re doing it in-house or engaging a creative agency like us, when it’s time to ask for help, we’ll be able to be more effective at working together.

That’s why we’d like to provide you with free resources. No strings attached. To get started, download The Brand Managers Toolkit. No lead forms. No cookies. Just Insights.