Improve your visual marketing for better organic social media content.

Sure, there are great resources out there to help with your visual marketing needs, but nothing is as talented as a graphic designer. From big picture logo and collateral design to social graphics – they are essential to a marketing agency. When you’re fighting for space in a crowded news feed, highly engaging and visual content is the first line of defense against mindless scrolling. This makes visual marketing and organic content creation the essential components of any effective social media content strategy. Below are the most important visual elements to every social campaign.

Conceptually thought-out graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if the picture isn’t so great? Enter graphic design. With the help of a designer, a photo can be edited (or a graphic can be created) into something much greater – it can invoke a response from your audience. The designers at Matchbook start this process of getting the message across by conducting research and familiarizing themselves with the brand. We’ll take your preferences and best practices into consideration, offering a number of creative solutions to get your message across. Stock imagery is never ideal, and we know it – so we’ll ask for photography, or sometimes, we’ll get the job done ourselves and shoot on-site. After having a plethora of photos to choose from, we’ll dive into branding and creating a social identity on each photo. The designers and marketing experts at Matchbook work like a well-oiled machine, with one always coordinating with the other while considering content and creating on-brand social graphics. With a team of social marketers and graphic designers, the crafted message and photo is bound to succeed and get the point across.

Videos and animations

Video content is dependent on each brand and the message you are trying to convey. However, the effects of social media are instrumental. According to a HubSpot report, social media posts with video have 48% more views. So, not only is your video content more engaging, it’ll attract more viewers. With 71% of consumers watching more video content online than they were a year ago, brands can no longer wait to incorporate video content into their social strategy. Most visual marketers excel at creating still content, but great visual marketers excel at both – still and video. Matchbook houses great visual marketers and a design team that can direct, produce and edit video content. Whether it’s for social channels or for the website, video production is a skillset that companies must begin to invest into. Side by side with video content are animations and motion graphics. Motion graphics are a type of animation that can illustrate complex ideas visually on social media. No matter the industry, motion graphics can make your message more engaging and entertaining.

Consistency is key

Consistency is the glue that holds your visual marketing and social media campaigns together. Your brand can create an eye-catching graphic or produce a viral video, but if it’s not branded and consistent with your company – it won’t make a difference. In other words, brand consistency builds awareness. The goal is that the moment a person sees your brand they instantly remember who you are. Brand consistency builds awareness, trust and authority. When you can consistently implement your brand with your visual graphics – you’ll make it to your preferred audience and reach. Visual content connects us on a deep level, conveying information and emotion quickly - which is essential for standing out in the current online marketing landscape.