How owning your “why” can ignite impactful change.

Everyone wants to support causes that make the world a better place, and it is common nature to want to do good in the community. The Matchbook team is no different, inside and outside the office. To better convey this messaging of our philanthropic efforts, we sought a new brand and identity. After many brainstorm sessions and morning briefs, it was clear that volunteerism was held at the center of each of our lives. Due to the core values each team member brought to the table, Matchbook decided to officially make the change and coined the term “purpose-driven marketing” as a part of their mission statement and even greater, the core of the company.

Purpose-Driven Marketing

Businesses don’t have to be a nonprofit to be purposeful. We want to work with companies that have positive intention, a unique spirit, an uplifting voice and a drive to make their community a better place. Matchbook engages with projects and partners that not only challenge us creatively but allow us to generate success while impacting a meaningful change. It’s the core of every business deal, every contract and every employee. It’s the purpose-driven mindset that gives us the incentive to go the extra mile when times are hard. We look beyond the task and focus on the end goal of making an impact, through the services we offer. Since we’re working for positive missions, Matchbook takes on another layer of responsibility. Since we’re a full-service agency, Matchbook encompasses a holistic approach to each project. We’ll evaluate how one branding project can impact a digital marketing campaign or how one social media post can influence change minutes after its posting. It’s the intention behind our work that will benefit our partners. Look at our work for IndyHumane, for instance. One media hit can invoke a pet adoption, which can bring happiness to the adopter and give a home to an animal in need. When partners work with Matchbook, it’s not “just a logo” or “just an ad campaign,” it’s much greater.

Owning Your Why

As written by Simon Sinek in Find Your Why, the “why is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.” It’s the reason you wake up in the morning and it’s the reason why you serve and give back. It may be your impact on your family, the impact of a smiling face greeting your neighbors or the impact your relationship skills with one-on-one mentoring sessions. Once you establish your ‘why,’ finding what you’re passionate about is easy. Each Matchbook team member uses their personal ‘why’ to drive their work. With our purpose-driven philosophy, their ‘why’ can be embraced during work hours with the efforts and priority placed on partner projects. It’s never just a project or task. Owning your ‘why’ can impact the day to day of a person, but companies should also be discovering their own ‘why.’ Matchbook discovered their ‘why’ after understanding the goals and objectives of our clients, and the staff’s passions. Each company has a mission statement and purpose, but what does your mission mean for the greater good? Companies that understand and own their ‘why’ will have an extra push to keep going through the inevitable tough times.

Get involved

If you don’t know your ‘why’ yet, or still searching for ways to get involved in the community– ask around to see what others are doing. Better yet, tag along! Another great way to start is by visiting your local United Way and researching their volunteer opportunities. No matter where you start volunteering, you’ll make a difference one way or another. Whether it’s with partners, inside our doors, or in the community, a feeling of collective and individual passion permeates everything we do. Want to instill purpose-driven initiatives within your company or looking for an agency partner to help with creative, web development, social and more?