Greenfield: An updated web presence for civic growth.

As a growing city of over 20,000 residents, Greenfield, Indiana is one of Central Indiana’s most emerging areas; with a tight-knit sense of community and bright prospects on the horizon. An easy commute distance from downtown Indianapolis and a quieter, more relaxed pace of living, it’s the answer for those who want a community in which to live and develop a career, a family and an engaging social life. Throughout Matchbook’s relationship with the City of Greenfield, they have looked to promote themselves as a premier destination for commuting students, recent college graduates, and professionals with families looking to raise their children and live within a welcoming and unified community. In seeking to bring this vision to life, Matchbook partners with Greenfield on services including research, strategy and branding. By learning each dimension of the community and highlighting specific attributes to best position Greenfield to meet their strategic goals, we helped change their orientation toward the future and the growth that it promises to bring. This included a revitalized brand image, showcasing one of their new prominent artistic features along I-70. By focusing on this element and its natural movement upward, Greenfield could strongly differentiate itself from other nearby cities and towns who bring their historic courthouses an features to the forefront. Matchbook also conducted audience research to generate a sound multi-year marketing plan to further retain and attract residents and businesses to the city. In order to best broadcast this change to both current and prospective residents, the team at Matchbook worked with the City of Greenfield to create a new digital presence that showcases their new brand while serving as a valuable community and visitor resource.

A Living Brand in A Digital Format

Greenfield didn’t just want a simple calendar of events as their web presence; they wanted a comprehensive community site that could link them to resources, local businesses, hot areas in the city for prospective residents and beyond. Throughout a period of collaboration with leaders and stakeholders in Greenfield, our team was able to create an array of features and resources to include on the site that would engage residents and visitors alike. With messaging-focused copy promoting Greenfield as a destination with plenty of local events and initiatives to promote education, resident satisfaction and tourism, the site we developed was able to showcase some of the most important elements immediately. Additionally, with multiple scrolling messages centered around Greenfield’s proximity to the heart of downtown Indianapolis, it makes the city more likely to be considered by professionals working downtown but looking for a change of pace in their living situation. For those looking to engage with local events and businesses, the Greenfeld community site is an exceptional resource, keeping track of notable locally owned and operated businesses, as well as upcoming noteworthy events taking place in the surrounding community. By keeping a resource of local parks and recreational activities, as well as resident portals for information on schools and hospitals, the site is able to act as a complete resource for those who already call Greenfield home. During the process of creating this site, we made several special additions on the back-end in order to make maintenance and updating of the site easier. Among these measures was the addition of custom post types for common pieces of information, making updates of the site easier. Additionally, by creating custom navigation elements for the slider elements on the ‘Close to the Action’ page and homepage, we ensured that the user experience was as welcoming and easy as possible. Greenfield is among the new movement of cities offering a retreat from urban living with a welcoming community that provides a higher quality of life, and Matchbook has been excited throughout our partnership to showcase this new way of living; bringing local pride to the fore. A comprehensive branded digital presence has raised Greenfield’s profile and oriented a community toward the future. To set a strategic foundation and build a website that represents your own brand’s mission and values, contact Matchbook today.