From Intern to Employee.

As a soon-to-be graduating college senior, it’s only a matter of weeks until I leave the world of academics, and end my roughly 11-month tenure as an intern at Matchbook Creative. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that my time here at Matchbook is about to come to an end, as after graduation I will be taking up a full-time position as a Copywriter. If you had asked me when I began here if I thought I would be fortunate enough to experience an extended, educational internship experience that would transform into a full position, I don’t think I would have believed you. However, that is exactly what has happened during my time here. My skills, confidence, and ability to fulfill the requirements of the position I will shortly be filling have all grown in so many ways. Yet looking back, some elements of the process seem to have been so gradual that they were difficult to notice without looking back upon it all. During the summer portion of this internship, my process of work almost always involved direct creative oversight and guidance in any project I was playing a part in. I was actually grateful for this management, as right away it displayed the standard of work necessary to work in an agency environment. Over time, I was allowed more independence in creating work, until now, when the main restrictions on my work are the days I have to spend away from work as a student. This increased involvement in the work we do at Matchbook has immersed me in agency-level expectations, as it should with an impending full-time role, but it has also exposed me to the start-to-finish inner workings of agency projects. I am no longer in a passive role of accepting and completing assignments as they come; following up on projects, keeping final deadlines in mind and knowing who is in charge of what aspects are now vital to my day-to-day responsibilities. This process, again, was so subtle that it was difficult to recognize within the moment. At first, less direct supervision, born out of confidence in my abilities, was simply the fact that someone must have been too busy that day. Projects slowly, gradually required more follow-through until it was a matter of course. In fact, just how much this nearly yearlong internship has taught me has made me think of it as nearly a fifth year of education; an education specific to my passion with no grades, high expectations and the mentors to make it a success. I am glad that over the course of my time as an intern here, I’ve been able to live, laugh and learn with some amazing mentors, colleagues and friends. It’s been a long road from the very beginning to now, and I genuinely had no idea how much I still had to learn (and I am still realizing how much further I have to go), but I cannot wait to take the next step in transitioning into the role of a full-time employee at Matchbook Creative.