Four ways to improve your marketing in the next six months.

When your marketing efforts don’t seem to be delivering, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, no business or organization would be executing marketing efforts if they weren’t looking for a return on that investment. Whether it means more sales, greater awareness or more leads, marketing efforts allow you to more effectively operate. It takes know-how and dedication, but even when you do everything right, it also takes time to build on your efforts to deliver measurable results. Here are four recommendations to improve your marketing efforts over the next six months:

Establish a budget.

Before going any further with your marketing efforts, establish a budget to be sure you’re spending an appropriate amount of resources and then stick to it. Marketing is an important element for any business or organization. Without a budget that governs the amount of time and money your team can spend, you can quickly waste your valuable assets. If you’re chasing results that cannot be promised (for example, if you’re testing new initiatives), be sure to establish a budget that can reflect flexibility.

Operate from a strategy.

It’s an unfortunate pitfall that many people fall into when conducting marketing initiatives: each promoted post, advertisement or press release is treated as an isolated incident without any underlying strategy to back it up. As a strategically-focused agency, Matchbook is dedicated to ensuring everything we do links back to a central strategy that accounts for the budget, goals and personality of an organization. A strategy establishes a road map for exactly what you want to achieve and measures your proposed actions against your measured goals. Is it a percentage increase in sales? More web traffic? Engagement on your social channels? If they don’t line up, you aren’t operating in proper conjunction with a strategy and need to reevaluate your next step. With a solid strategy, you’re on a path to success.

Stay informed.

Keeping up-to-date on the effects of your marketing efforts provides the knowledge you need to adjust your tactics over time. This means you can identify what’s working and what isn’t, providing the ability to adjust to ensure you’re making maximum impact with efforts being executed. Similarly, a marketing strategy should include facets of flexible and adjusted timelines, depending on urgent matters and reporting. Read the headlines, catch up on best practices and search for new opportunities to interact with your audience. Try new things and be open to experimenting with new content. If it doesn’t work, move on and adjust when needed.

Take a step back.

It’s tough to resist the temptation to be involved in every step of the marketing process, but effectively delegating and knowing your role is the most efficient step you can take when looking to stay within budget and generate effective results. Identifying a partner who exhibits talent in delegation is a smart business decision when reaching your company goals. Whether you look inward to see someone in your organization who understands what you need to do in order to market, or look for an agency that can fulfill a full-service set of demands, establishing the strongest team can help expand your capacity and ensure that every marketing deliverable is done with the best possible efficiency and effectiveness. When you have a team on your side looking to make the most of your marketing budget in accordance with a solid strategy, you can step back and relax, knowing your marketing is in the right hands. After six months of effort following these steps, you’ll be able to see the results as you meet your goals. If you’re looking for long-term marketing approach with a highly effective strategic outlook, consider partnering with Matchbook.