Expressing company culture through brand.

For businesses, finding the right partners, team members and expressing it all in a way that feels most authentic can be a challenge, especially without a strong driving force unifying the team. Company culture, the ideals and overarching personality traits that tie a team together, is difficult to define at times. Company culture is more than fun activities between meetings and games in the office (though, those are fun, too), but a connected theme that aligns core values and missions into a cultural brand. When examined closely, company culture can be the single factor that informs a brand and extends beyond to the partnerships we make. As a mission-focused company proudly launching a new mission-focused brand, we’re letting our brand live by partnering with businesses and organizations furthering impactful change, as well as supporting our team’s passion to help better the world around them.

Defining Company Culture

At times, organizations forget how company culture can play a part in their brand. While marketing measures push messages far and wide, it’s easy to overlook the strongest set of brand ambassadors: the team. By enhancing a company culture, and, in tandem, the overall brand, team members connect further to the organization’s purpose and it gives your organization something to stand for. Finding that mission; that purpose; the drive, starts by looking within. Assessing the passions and motivations of a team can unify their purpose. Finding this ‘it factor’ can allow organizations to translate their actions into a streamlined force, one that always go back to the goal and strongly differentiates a team from another organizations. Culture isn’t created by the systems and activities put in place, but by the atmosphere and people involved. It is a natural process. Pinpointing the themes within it will allow organizations to foster and nourish for a strong team, and stronger brand. For instance, we further examined our own company culture in order to find an extension that felt like a natural expression of who we are. With so many amazing team members involved with so many incredible organizations, we didn’t have to look far. Matchbook is full of talented individuals who work toward furthering the goals of charitable organizations across community involvement, healthcare, youth mentorship, education, animal advocacy and more, so when the time came to define a culture to inform our business, mission-oriented messaging was a natural fit.

Implementing the Company Culture Brand

With values recognized and the realization of ‘who’ an organization is, and ‘who’ it strives to be, everything seems to fall into place. Recruiting begins to meld a process of practical assessment and cultural alignment, ensuring each new team member is a fit on multiple levels. Team members are motivated and successful, which reaches partners. The organization is a unified force. But what lives within this practice? Again, company culture is often showcased through the actions the organization takes, and the activities it affords its team. Company culture stems through leadership style, management practices, collaboration, emphasis (or lack of) on process and more. An organization must ask itself, ‘how do we become the best we can be?’ When looking at how this parallels people and practice, the answers become more obvious. If an organization wants to enhance its team’s natural knack for off-the-wall thinking and freedom, then micromanagers and complex systems don’t align for success. Opposingly, if a team thrives on structure and detail, a regimented structure can afford a culture of cohesion. An audit can be used to address the areas of misalignment in your organization. Masters in internal and external branding, Matchbook is happy to help your organization and its team be the best they can be.

Providing a Sense of Purpose That Resonates

The best people, cultural development and business practices reach the goal you want for your organization. Finding that purpose does more than boost internal morale and belonging, it resonates. For Matchbook, while our work has always naturally gravitated toward relationships with partners’ intent on making a difference through the work they do, this newfound defining of self and scope has focused our efforts toward work that aligns with this. In seeking to find a mission-driven rationale behind each piece of work we do, we’re continuing to move forward and help develop the causes we care about through the application of our talents and passions as an agency. This sense of purpose drives all we do. This motivates more than our team, it extends into our partners, those interested in working with us (both potential partners and potential team members), and the community at large. Let us help you find your purpose, and the results that come from it.