Civic Theatre: Setting Up a Season.

Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre in Indianapolis brings their creativity, enthusiasm and showmanship to everything they do. For their upcoming season, we wanted to further showcase those qualities to the city. When we began our relationship with Civic Theatre, we just seemed to “click” with one another. This open environment allowed us the freedom and confidence to select a season concept. Civic Theatre is established in the Indianapolis community, with their long history of shows and programs, all based on community involvement. After meeting with the Civic team, we noted their passion in bringing theatre and education to the community and its members across all ages. The community involvement involvement that Civic Theatre has consistently shown was something that, through communication with their team, we realized would be a strong enough concept to center the season’s promotions and materials around. Bringing the theatre even more to life within the community, and wholly embracing community involvement in creating the magic that is Civic, formed the basis of our concept and strategy. As a client, Civic Theatre was collaborative, and always ready to give feedback. Pursuing a creative strategy, paired with a vintage touch, led us to the idea that became the season concept: Our Stage, Your Civic. A previous iteration of this concept had been in place decades before, but our unique visual and conceptual take on the phrase, with our emphasis on imagination, creativity and growth, made it fresh enough to return to modern prominence. This season concept channels those desires to experience imagination, creativity and growth into promotion of the magic of the Civic experience. The call to action of “play a part” further reinforces the encouragement for the community to get involved in Civic’s productions and experience the magic live through attending shows. Having created the concept and accompanying materials, we have also helped create a foundation moving forward that will continue to grow awareness and involvement. The foundation of this season strategy will hopefully highlight the naturally-occurring elements of Civic’s brand while also allowing for changes to keep Civic Theatre in a prominent community position throughout the rest of the season and beyond.