Celebrate Earth Day the sustainable (& social distancing) way.

Earth Day is one of Matchbook’s favorite days, as sustainability is a subject we care deeply about. From recycling office paper, cans, batteries and more to always choosing the organic/green option with vendors, Matchbook is always trying to better the planet. Typically on Earth Day our entire office partners up and ventures outside to clean up the neighborhood around our office on Indy’s historic Old Northside. However, this year things are a little different. Instead of picking up trash with one hand and holding our computer on a video conference call with the other, we thought it would be simpler to encourage others to celebrate Earth Day on their own this year. Here are some ways we’re getting involved while practicing safe social distancing – won’t you join us?

Clean up your neighborhood using gloves, sanitizer and tongs

Help clean up the planet this Earth Day by spending time picking up litter around your neighborhood, school or local park.

Do a plastic audit

Audit your plastic use at home by counting how many plastic containers, wraps, bottles and bags you purchased for your kitchen and bathroom. See what you can cut back on!

Brainstorm energy-friendly ideas

Cut back on energy waste and come up with a list of ideas that will help your home save energy, such as switching to LED bulbs, turning off the AC when you’re not home and more.

Go for a walk

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day to get some fresh air. Soak up some Vitamin D by stepping into your backyard, opening up your windows or strolling through your neighborhood.

Work in your garden

Order some seeds online and try sprouting them on your windowsill or in your backyard or spend time pulling weeds. Plant some flowers, a tree, or start a garden!

Cook yourself a plant-based meal

Plant-based diets not only offer health benefits, but they are also more sustainable than diets loaded with meat and dairy. Plus, you can lower your carbon footprint this way!

Watch a nature documentary or series

Most streaming services offer an abundance of nature documentaries and series. Netflix boasts a wide collection of nature series, and Hulu has some suspenseful shows like “River Monsters” and “Shark Week” features. If you don’t have these streaming services, check out these free virtual National Park tours, where park rangers lead you through parks in 360-degree video.

Start a compost bin

This eco-friendly way of disposing of veggie scraps and other bio-degradable waste products cuts back on the amount of trash you produce and send to landfills. Even though we can’t be together physically on Earth Day we can still do our part for the planet. Let us know how you’re celebrating by tagging us on social media!