Building a systematic website for the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).

Across the country, businesses are reevaluating their strategies to positively impact their communities in light of COVID-19. On the frontlines of this pandemic is theNational Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), a membership-based organization which represents 2,800 local public health departments across the U.S.

Since 1965, NACCHO has been the only organization dedicated to serving every local health department in the nation. They are the leader in providing cutting-edge and skill-building programs for healthcare professionals, efficient resources and supporting effective local public health practice and systems. NACCHO actively works to support health departments, optimizes strategic alliances and partnerships and advocates for laws and policies on their behalf.

Websites Are Mission Critical

NACCHO partnered with Matchbook in an effort to fully redesign and rebuild their complex website. With over a thousand web pages, NACCHO was searching for a partner who understood digital complexities while implementing a strong and effective platform of communication for their partners and membership. For NACCHO, their website is a critical tool for their communications strategy.

We continue to partner with NACCHO providing web updates to enhance their site and make it easier for all 2,800 public health departments across the country. For example, when wildfires spread across southern California, local health departments turned to NACCHO for insight and guidance. The website is one of the most important assets to providing tools and resources to its members. Research, communication standards and more are all funneled through the website, bringing NACCHO’s work to life.

The most recent update to NACCHO’s website involves their blog platform and information delivery systems. Previously, their blog contained more than 30 external blog sources. Since the recent consolidation, they are now able to manage periodical content through one channel within their website. This new blog setup allows them to manage many categories, types of content and various types of media provided for different specific audiences. The information is now contained and easily searchable through tools and archives.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Public Health and NACCHO Response

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, NACCHO’s role has been critical to public health response and preparedness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relies on NAACHO to share information with their professional network, while the CDC focuses on sharing information to government entities and the public. During the first few weeks of the pandemic, NAACHO’s website received a tremendous amount of traffic from every local health department across the country. NAACHO had to act immediately to begin addressing COVID-19 and sharing resources to their members.

This ongoing partnership continues to grow and we’re seeing the need now more than ever for delivering accurate information quickly. We’re proud to partner with such a meaningful organization in this time of crisis.

Using Your Website to Optimize Business

As is the case with NACCHO, your website is a critical tool for all marketing, media relations and internal communications. Customers and even employees often check the web first for information about you or about the topics you are an authority in. Increasingly, more effective websites are not just a marketing tool. They are able to be your first line of defense for the unexpected, and give you the opportunity to control the narrative, or deliver information quickly and efficiently.