Building a brand for Alan Major.

For some individuals, the talent and ability to succeed in their chosen field isn’t enough. Finding the passions that motivate us to impact the lives of those around us is vital to leading a fulfilling life. For Alan Major, his abilities and passions go far beyond basketball alone. As a previous coach for nationally-recognized basketball programs at Xavier University and Ohio State University, he helped the players at these historic institutions to live up to their potential and enjoy great successes during the regular season as well as on the national stage in the NCAA Tournament. When he was made head coach for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, he applied his motivational and empowering coaching philosophy to power his team to multiple tournament victories as well as multiple wins over nationally-ranked opposition. Alan needed an outlet that would allow him to showcase his unique leadership skills and philosophy, as well as his interpersonal skills, to roles in coaching, consulting and speaking. Matchbook connected with him, and established that our skills in persuasive copy and eye-catching web design would help get him where he wanted to go. Alan’s drive to share his knowledge and experience in order to help those around him achieve their dreams was impressive and infectious, and we were excited to play a role in establishing this new brand through our digital, strategic and creative messaging services. Excited to begin work and promote Alan’s unique skillset, we met with him and established a firmer understanding of the tone and message he wanted to convey. Effective communication and leadership are at the core of his skillset, and we were able to clearly communicate these through the copy, imagery and design we put into place on his website. Matchbook worked with him to create a narrative that informed each aspect of the site, and that same narrative is the one that made him the coach and professional that he is today. The site we created has a clean, minimal and professional feel, communicating his accomplishments and skills, as well as testimonials from professionals across multiple industries who he has helped to streamline operations and fuel greater successes. His journey has led to him being a valued individual in coaching, consultation and motivation. The website copy, as well as the design of the site, showcase the polish that a man of Alan’s stature deserves. By forming a brand moving beyond the sport of basketball, we assisted Alan Major in transcending the sport he’s become so well-regarded within. With Matchbook’s help, he’s now better positioned to pursue and accept opportunities from every industry. We’re proud to have served a role in furthering his intention, and are eager to see the impact he’ll be able to make in the lives of others moving forward.