Branding Blends.

When a client comes to us with a want for a new branded feel, marketing materials and advertising, the design team at Matchbook can’t help but get excited to jump right in. Ambre Blends, an organic essential oil and product company based locally in Indianapolis, is a brand that we have known, seen and smelled in the area for years. The account and design teams’ task was simple, get to the heart of what Ambre Blends is. What does it mean to each individual user? What is it that consumers discover when using this product? Through meetings, exercises and research we found that what Ambre does is not help you discover a grand experience or bring out your “cool” side, Ambre helps you discover you. As Art Director, projects like this tend to be the most thrilling for me. With a product as unique as Ambre Blends, it is easy to get creative and see endless possibilities. The challenge was balancing a consumer best-kept secret and growing a high-end brand. We couldn’t lose the interest and individuality that Ambre Blends naturally had, but we had to develop imaging and messaging that enticed a broad audience. The initial allure is in the uniqueness of the product – a unique scent to created through each wearer; an intriguing scent that you’ve never quite smelled before. This is individual essence is what we needed to share with others. The “Discover You” campaign shares the message of individuality with all who encounter Ambre Blends. We made concept after concept searching for just the right way to show the feeling the essential oils invoke; countless designs, sketches and images before we discovered the creative that paired both the brand and campaign. It is easy to get carried away with the creative freedom, especially when asked to put some of your own individuality into the campaign. The final creative builds upon the idea of self-discovery and how essential oils react with your body, giving you a scent all your own. We matched the creative with FSC certified organic paper and color-coated scent cards to give the entire brand a natural, comfortable and cohesive feel. Long days were spent at the printers making each color tint and illustration pop exactly right, each bottle the correct opacity and each image jump off the cards. The more you look at each creative piece, the more you see. Hand-drawn illustrations and the recycled paper make for marketing pieces that have attention to detail and modesty. I already love seeing this brand and creative take new shapes and find new opportunities. Most importantly, Ambre Blends now has an image that complements their product, brand and personality. The brand can be seen across the country in boutique shops and the scent can show up anywhere.