Building community connectivity with Milhaus.

Milhaus is an Indianapolis-based mixed-use development, construction, and property management company that specializes in Class A, urban and multi-family residential buildings. Innovative and forward-thinking with properties currently ranging across 10 states, Milhaus creates properties that stand out throughout the Midwest and beyond. As they continue to expand and develop properties in new markets, they’ve placed a priority on creating brands that tie in with the local community, showing respect for the area and speaking to those who call each city home. Since the beginning of our relationship with Milhaus, Matchbook has helped with the conception, creative development and branding of properties in Kansas City, MO; Indianapolis, IN; Tampa, FL; and Milwaukee, WI, with more on the horizon. As the brand creators and curators for Milhaus, our focus is to create community connectivity through the work we do in a way that feels natural and carries a sense of balance. So, how do we build these connections through branding?

Unique for Each Community

Milhaus isn’t interested in uprooting the community feel of the areas in which they develop; their goal is to become a natural part of the community that pays homage to the area’s past while aligning for a strong future. Throughout our brand development process, Matchbook collaborates closely with Milhaus to ensure that every new property gets the attention and customization it needs to amplify the area in which they’ll break ground. It begins with research. We do a deep dive into the community Milhaus is building within, noting the history, events and culture of the past that have shaped the area into what it is today. After internalizing the cultural heritage of each district, we localize the look, feel and verbiage of each brand to feel at home as a place within that history. Our aesthetic is able to change in order to convey each idea, and the name of each property with accompanying floor plans is selected with deep rationale, not meaningless and catchy terms. When working with Milhaus on their development in downtown Milwaukee, we connected the property with the rich history of the surrounding community. As a property adjacent to the original Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery, we knew that connecting with this local heritage would help integrate the new development into the community. Eventually, we developed a brand for the property as Vim + Vigor – the slogan from a number of historic advertisements for the brewery – that communicated the sense of liveliness and vivacity that had started to come into this area of the city. This project eventually won Matchbook a Platinum Hermes award for brand guidelines in 2017.

Where Brand Meets Consumer

Of course, completing an ideal brand for residents to live and interact with involves more than the efforts we put into the localization of each brand. Creating the collateral and feel of a brand that proves itself up to the task daily requires flexibility. From our logos to our style guides, we provide Milhaus with a complete set of tools to apply the brands we create to any situation. With such a diverse range of possible applications, the brand quickly becomes lived in, with a consistent look and feel at every interaction point for the consumer. This quickly leads to a recognizable and comfortable feel, making each resident feel at home in their community. One of the most powerful parts of working with Milhaus is the impact we’re able to effect on residents. Our brands for each new property help make each resident feel that they’re at home in a building that is one with the neighborhood and community they’re in. Taking pride in the history of one’s area while living in a new development doesn’t have to be a contradictory experience; it simply requires the right attention to detail and dedication to building something that will last. To build a powerful brand that speaks to your audiences where they are, contact Matchbook today.