Improving Indianapolis Urban League's web presence.

The Indianapolis Urban League (IUL) is part of a 90-affiliate national network that assists minorities and certain disadvantaged groups to pursue social and economic equality. Since 1965, the IUL has been a social staple in the community and established a long track record of changing lives. Now, it needed to change its website. Enter Matchbook. The IUL had an older site, and users found it at times difficult to navigate and find information. The site had been compromised a few months prior, and there was a lot of work to do. Related: The New Indianapolis Urban League Website

Build A Strategy And Execute

Like any Matchbook project, objectives and communication drove the strategy for this project. The site needed to be organized by the IUL’s priorities, so the conversation started there. Priorities included:
  • Bring more awareness to what the IUL offers to the community
  • Consolidate information onto pages and group them to improve user experience
  • Feature the IUL’s social media accounts
  • Increase the presence of the Urban League’s brand marks on the site
The IUL revealed fundraising as the top priority, so the site’s design made a link to donate prominent. The redesign also sought to integrate more of its national brand into the site, adding the Urban League’s equal sign with a circle around it, which signifies the mission for equal opportunities for minorities.

Special Features

When tackling a website project, Matchbook looks at trends and metrics and takes the organization’s purpose to create an efficient and user-friendly experience. What does the IUL do well and what does it want to share with the community? The site has a popular local jobs board and needed to highlight social media, as Facebook is the IUL’s biggest driver of event attendance. Another special feature was the easy integration of custom posts, allowing for ease of use and ongoing edits for the IUL’s staff.

Strategic Use Of WordPress Theme

The Indianapolis Urban League’s old site used a web theme that had been built and continually added to, which was able to disguise some of the issues without providing a true fix. Matchbook used a custom theme, bringing speed and stability. “Our in-house solution allows us to understand all of the inner workings and to monitor how the site should operate,” said Director of Digital Development Mark Arenz. “When something on a site isn’t right, we know exactly why. We know where all the parts under the hood are, if that makes sense.” By revamping the site’s WordPress theme and reducing the number of plug-ins, Matchbook’s team was able to improve the site’s performance and make it more mobile-friendly.

Rock Solid Relationship

Whether its digital, design, multimedia or public relations, it’s imperative to have a rock solid partnership built on trust and communication. Matchbook’s commitment to this idea was never more imperative than with the IUL website project. The IUL team member in charge of the project left the organization at a key time revolving around the site’s launch. That didn’t stop the efficiency, as Matchbook helped make a smooth transition and kept everyone informed. Once the IUL made a new hire, Matchbook was able to help them maintain continuity and train them on their new site.

Need A Web Revamp? Call Matchbook!

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