3 Brands that are killin’ it.

Right now, media seems to be in flux. For much of the last decade we’ve been in a stable cycle, with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO running the streaming market while online content creators kept things short and sweet, mostly on YouTube. With multiple new streaming services on the horizon and internet content that’s getting longer and savvier, the way we consume media is changing. Today’s content landscape is crowded with brands and creators, all looking to make an impact through clever branding and messaging. In taking a wider view, it’s important to differentiate who’s leading this new charge and who’s scrambling to stay relevant. Behind every brand making waves, there’s a team working hard on generating strategic advantage and enacting the tactics to optimize impact. With that in mind, here are three of the brands that are killin’ it most in 2019.


To start, it’s important to keep in mind the many legitimate concerns that Disney’s aggressive acquisition of so many entertainment brands is vaguely monopolistic and potentially bad for the future of entertainment. However, Disney’s ability to utilize the full influence of the properties at their disposal and leverage them into the launch of their upcoming streaming service has been astounding to watch. Disney+ is the entertainment giant’s upcoming streaming service, launching on November 12 and featuring a monumental library of movies and TV created by Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and Disney itself. In a cultural moment where Marvel has reached new heights with Avengers: Endgame, the highest grossing film of all time, and Star Wars is more relevant than it’s ever been in the buildup to The Rise of Skywalker, now’s the perfect time to hold exclusive streaming rights to these brands and make a splash in the subscription streaming service market. Their recent Twitter crossover event reminded millions upon millions of followers about the upcoming service, and with highly anticipated original content also making an appearance on the platform, Disney is in prime position to upend the streaming market.

Bon Appétit

With a total current subscriber base of 4.4 million, up more than 3 million over the course of 16 months, Bon Appétit has quickly become one of YouTube’s biggest cooking channels. The magazine has grown their relevance and engagement with smart content creation practices, such as focusing on a specific cast of “test kitchen” presenters and allowing each of them to bring their own personalities to the forefront in the videos they star in. Part-recipe and part-vlog, the informal air of their videos is given room to shine on YouTube. By focusing less on short, succinct recipe videos and expanding to long-form series and challenges such as replicating a dish by smell alone or recreating gourmet versions of junk food like Pop-Tarts, they give viewers plenty of opportunities to engage and share. It’s like watching TV, but on YouTube. Bon Appétit recognized this, and created a channel accessible directly on TVs through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV. They’re effortlessly blurring the line between internet content and streaming series, and they’re definitely one of the most exciting brands killin’ the content game.


While killin’ it at strategic brand-building and standing apart in attracting viewers, Disney+ and Bon Appetit both contribute to a crowded media environment. As streaming services continue to splinter, online videos continue to lengthen, and ads become more targeted, consumers are caught up in a daily tidal wave of content. When a bit of peace and quiet means something, Bose is the audio brand positioned ahead of the pack for tuning out distractions. They’ve been known as a quality audio equipment brand for decades, but as pioneers in noise-cancelling technology for headphones and sleepbuds, their products now allow consumers the choice to drown out the noise and connect to the content they want without worrying about outside distractions. There’s a massive hunger for the privacy and sense of independence offered by this technology, leading to Bose’s placement as fourth in the Prophet Brand Relevance Index, behind only Apple, Spotify and Android. With so much momentum (and so little sound), Bose is quietly killin’ it in 2019.