10 completely useless stock photos.

As a creative agency, we rely on stock photos to complement our designs. Searching for just the right image can be a breeze if you are using the right keywords, but the results can be odd and sometimes downright hilarious but altogether bad. Below is a list of quirky stock images that have come up in searches and their unique keywords that are attached to them.


Keywords: Puppy, Clinic, stethoscope

I doubt this guy is a registered nurse.


Keywords: Relaxation, tourist resort, activity

Looks more like rock quarry than a tourist resort.


Keywords: Cavity, spa treatment, smiling

I’d be curious to see anything that utilizes this stock image.


Keywords: Cheerful, nerd, serious

“The ridiculous fat surgeon with cigarette and microscope” That sums it up.


Keywords: Glasses, Christmas, Perm

No one will ever be as excited for Christmas than this guy.


Keywords: Hawaii Islands, City Life, Freshness

Nothing says visit Hawaii like a pig’s head.


Keywords: Passion, Couple, Honeymoon

There’s someone out there for everyone, I guess.


Keywords: Summer, Tomato, Women

Giant tomatoes or tiny legs? You decide.


Keywords: Nature, Eagle, Storm Cloud

Such a majestic scene.


Keywords: Architecture, mature men, townscape

Check out the description on this one.